Mini-MBA for DPO (training course Responsible / Data Protection Officer)

1  THE FIRST Mini-MBA for Data Protection Officers (DPO) in Romania! 


1  THE FIRST Training program, focused on developing the most important DPO skills.

Only 3 days classroom, and 3 weeks for individual practice with dedicated coordinator support!

Practical course for perfection of the Data Protection Officers,created in association with Information Privacy Experts and experienced DPO. The course features examples, practical solutions and reference guides for an successful completion of all of the couse modules and gain all the competences. At the conclusion of the course a Certificate of graduation will be awarded. This training course provides participants a clear picture of DPO’s activities, their responsibilities and management methodology. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge that has value and can be used in everyday DPO’s activities, like:

– case study workshop – theory of law regulations – national law study – organisational audit procedures – typical DPO roles (attributions, differences, responsibilities) for internal responsible (pseudo_DPO), internal DPO, DPO of external services supplier , organisational DPO and external DPO. – DPIA – GDPR Register

This course it is not only necessary, but also recommended by regulation and complementary legislation.

DPO Mini-MBA is a comprehensive Data Protection Officers management development program that provides cutting-edge skills, coaching and leadership training to help you master your organization and your career forward. In data protection procedures, companies need individuals who comprehend all facets of the organization and who can apply integrated, strategic thinking to create compliance warranty solutions.

DPO Mini-MBA Training Program provides practice learning advantage needed to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. 

This course it is a perfection training, dedicated to Data Protection officers already nominated, but with the introduction section offer by Lexdata Training Program even the beginners can apply. The program is delivered by highly leading experts from our professional network.  

Next class: 

starting 13 March 2020 – Brasov 

starting 06 April 2020 – Sibiu

starting 4 May 2020 – Cluj

Training Program Details:

  • Total: 85 hours
  • Workshop: 24 hours (3 days = 5 modules)
  • Team workshop activities (online): 24 hours
  • Study & practical training: 40 hours
  • Final examination with certification Diploma
  • Duration:4 weeks
  • Classroom: only 3 days

To REGISTER– you can use the registration form of the LEXDATA Facebook page!

or email to:

*limited places

for details visit:

Only 3 days classroom  = 5 modules ….. EU and national legislation, practical examples and procedures for DPO activities



First Mini-MBA for DPO in Romania!

Practical course for perfection of the Data Protection Officers.



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