Data protection in Business and Commerce on European market! BRASOV – 30.01.2020

HOW YOU CAN COMPLY WITH THE GDPR AND THE TRANSPONED LOCAL PRIVACY LEGISLATIONS IN A PRAGMATIC WAY? We are preparing a new seminar, especially for business people, managers and investors established in Romania, in which you will find out new rules and rules that will lead in the next 10 years to unprecedented business changes. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seeks to put individuals firmly in control of their personal information, by tightly regulating how businesses store and use it. The law’s reach extends well beyond EU borders, and the scope of its ambitions is enormous. So enormous, that the goal of effected businesses, including international companies, can’t be to master every nuance of the GDPR. A risk-based approach is required … but what does that mean, and how will that look? If you have a business in EU, or you trade with European companies, you are under GDPR authority! Please join us for a presentation by Bogdan PANAIT, an information expert specializing in advising international organisations, institutions and other clients on a range of business intelligence, privacy and transparency issues, including GDPR.

New seminar: 30 January 2020 – BRASOV  starting at 16:30

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1 day = 4 hours ….. EU and national legislation, practical examples and procedures for business and management…..with a networking session!!

 Lector:  Bogdan  PANAIT 

  • business intelligence specialist & data protection officer
  • research associate –  National Center for Specific Integrated Assistance and Security Services
  • senior training adviser – EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training

 Special Quest: being confirmed

Price:  Early booking (until January 20 2020): 75 euro 

              Late booking (from January 21 2020): 95 euro 

Location: CartierHub Coresi Brasov – Strada Zaharia Stancu 6B, Brașov 507190



Special seminar for Small and Big Businesses!


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