Practical GDPR for HR professionals: what change bring in your day job? NEW course: BRASOV 19 February 2020

HOW Personal Data Protection Law – Impact on Labor Issues! Employers collect personal data on job applicants and workers for a number of purposes: to comply with law; to assist in selection for employment, training and promotion; to ensure personal safety, personal security, quality control, customer service and the protection of property. New ways of collecting and processing data entail some new risks for workers. While various national laws and international standards have established binding procedures for the processing of personal data, there is a need to develop data protection provisions which specifically address the use of workers’ personal data.

Created in association with HR Experts and DPO this comprehensive course help your understanding of General Data Protection Regulations 2018 with 2  compressed module outlining exactly what HR professionals need to do to update policies and practices to ensure ongoing compliance. Workshop modules will cover:  Definitions, Principles and the Law, Individual Rights, Consent, The Accountability Principle, Information (privacy) notice,  
Guidance for the HR responsible,
Guidance for the HR Specialist/manager.

The course features examples, practical solutions and guides for ongoing reference for successful completion of all of the modules and gain a completion certificate.
This course represent also a obligation for all companies, in accordance with GDPR requirement, to ensure that all employee has periodic and annual access to specific training for data protection.
At the conclusion of the course a Certificate of graduation will be awarded. This certification that you will receive, will prove your company compliance regarding training of the employee  and also your knowledge.

Please join us for a special course by Bogdan PANAIT, an information expert specializing in advising large organisations, institutions and other clients on a range of business intelligence, privacy and transparency issues, including GDPR.

New seminar:  19 February 2020 – BRASOV 

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1 day = 4 hours ….. EU and national legislation, practical examples and procedures for business and management

 Lector:  Bogdan  PANAIT –  labor law expert

  • business intelligence specialist &  data protection officer
  • research associate –  National Center for Specific Integrated Assistance and Security Services
  • senior training adviser – EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training

 Special Quest: being confirmed

 LEXDATA event supported by  Prescure&Partner  and  CHR Electronics 

Location: Carpatex Business Park – Strada Nicolae Titulescu 2, Brașov 500010


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for HR Professionals


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